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Correct answer marked as wrong, option to report 'my answer should have been accepted' is missing

I keep getting word for word correct answers being marked as incorrect, but the 'report' button lacks the option 'my answer should have been accepted' . The suggested correct answer is word for word what I've typed, yet is still marked as incorrect. There is no way to report this error.

September 16, 2019



Thank you, I did not realise I could submit a bug report.


There are some Latin sentences that turn out wrong even if you type them word for word and they appear perfectly correct to you. That's because they have already been corrected by course contributors, but the Duolingo system sometimes has some serious lags and it still displays the wrong versions, not the correct ones.

Instead of filing a bug report, first please check the discussion under a specific sentence - you may find that the contributors already know about the problem and we just have to wait a couple of days for the sentence to be displayed correctly.

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