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  5. "مِن ٠ إِلى ٤"

"مِن ٠ إِلى ٤"

Translation:from 0 to 4

September 16, 2019



Why 'From 0 to 4' is not the right snswer, because of the capital letter??


Can't be. Duo doesn't pay attention to capital letters.


How do we spell Sifr? Because its individual pronounciation indicates its written as صفر, but with the sentence it sounds like صفرة


Well my opinion to you is to you will right zero not sifr


I hear the audio says, "min Sifra"! It is incorrect. If we want to pronounce the ending sound, it should be مِنْ صِفْرٍ "min Sifr(in)" (and not من صفرَ "min Sifra"). Hope it will be fixed! :))

Update: I wrote "from 1 to 4" and it was marked as a correct answer with "You have a typo" (at December 15, 2020) - thanks, Duo! :))


I gave my answer in long hand literally nought to four . I was marked wrong. Why would this not be accepted ?

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