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  5. "You wash yourself."

"You wash yourself."

Translation:Te lavas.

September 16, 2019



First, why are macrons not used? Vowel length. Is phonemic. In Latin. It distinguishes words. 'Hīc' means 'here'. 'Hic' means 'this'. Although original materials in Latin are not published with macrons - although it absolutely should be, seeing as... Well it's phonemic! - learning materials frequently are. And rightly so: it makes it much easier to learn the pronunciation. Just as Mango Languages has macrons over vowels in their Latin course, Duolingo should add them right away.

Second, "(Tū) lavāris" should be added.


Also wouldn't 'te ipsum' also be a correct translation for yourself?


Not here. We just use a reflexive.

I can explain it in French, not sure to be able to explain it in English, as English doesn't make the distinction.

The reflexive "se" would be "me/te/se..." in French as a normal reflexive.

Nosce te ipsum:
The "Te ipsum" would be "toi-même". Like in "Connais-toi toi-même". (Know yourself)
It's a strong emphasized reflexion.

A literal translation from French would be "Know you yourself" or "Know you by your own".

English language just use "yourself" for both.


Agree for macrons, just report "lavaris" and it will be added.


Could someone please point me to the rules governing the addition of "ti" before the final "s" in the second person singular? I keep putting "lavas" when the correct answer is "lavatis" and "lavatis" when the correct answer is "lavas." For the life of me, I cannot figure this out. Advance thanks!

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