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Suggestion - Redo if wrong answer

Hi, I am Brazilian, and I learned English and Spanish in a local course which has a software very similar with the duolingo system. Now I am learning French with duoling, and I am really loving it!

But I miss a thing: In the software from my English/Spanish course had the option to redo the question if I answer wrong, it helped me a lot to strengthen my learning.

Duolingo team could add the possibility to the user redo the question and gave half-heart back if the user did and is redoing without peeking the tips (and allow to redo without losing more hearts if he choose to redo the question).

Thanks and keep up the good work.

April 20, 2013



i totally agree im trying to learn spanish when i got to the last 4 questions i get them wrong and have to redothe whole lesson 3 times


I agree with the idea. Even if you do not get any bonus heart back, it will help to understand why you were wrong, and help learn the correct answer faster than just moving to a new sentence (and possibly never seen again the sentence you had a problem with).


Excellent idea.

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