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"Post tertiam horam coquus coquit."

Translation:The cook cooks after the third hour.

September 16, 2019



Couldn't it be "After the third hour the cook cooks"?


Yes: After the third hour, the cook cooks. It's right, as you move the circumstantial complement.


I found the pronunciation in this sentence was almost indecipherable.


Yep. He does this all the time. I don't mind the elision of the two t's so much. Post ertiam, it's kind of to be expected and I've come to expect it. The problem for me is that he is not saying ertiam (which should, or course, be tertiam) but he seems to me to be saying erkiam (or terkiam). It's like--it seems to me everyone--who say "ekcetera". It's eT..., eT.... eTcetera. Which comes, by the way, from the Latin et cetera. Ek cetera is some hybread spawn between Greek and Latin that doesn't even make sense, "from so forth"!? What? It's a "T". It's not a "K". Oh damn, I've gone and ranted, haven't I?


Indeed, you have ranked, buk ik was jusk khe righk move here...


I hope lunch will be ready on time...


But cant the cooks cook also? I was on a winning streak


"Before the cock crow thou shalt deny me thrice"?

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