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"Surely the young men do not live in America?"

Translation:Num iuvenes in America habitant?

September 16, 2019



I'm having a really had time figuring out what form of habitant to use. I using google, and it wasn't much help. Does someone have a resource that would help or that could explain when we're using what form?


When verbs are conjugated in Latin, their endings change according to the pronoun that goes with it. For example, habitat would mean "he/she/it lives." So if the subject of your sentence is "young man" which would be a "he", your sentence would be "iuvenis habitat." If you have a plural subject like "young men" the ending changes to "nt". Your noun changes too in this case from "is" to "es". So your sentence would be "iuvenes habitant." You can sometimes find the verb conjugation charts online that show all the pronouns and their verb endings.


Num habitant in America iuvenes? The word order does not matter in Latin. Syntax Linguae Latinae non est syntax linguae nostrae!


Oh I didn't know that.


Word order doesn't matter but sometimes having the subject at the end of the sentence makes it slightly harder to interpret the whole sentence.


I am struggling to understand Duolingo's mindset regarding the preposition "in". Sometimes, it only wants ablative like in this case, sometimes it substitutes genitive. So, it will use "university of Rome" technically in Latin but translate it "in Rome." So when I type it what it technically said, it is wrong. Anyone have a tip on this?


Cities, towns, small islands (usually have one city or town on them), and some few other nouns (like domus) make use of the locative case. This case for first and second declension nouns does look like the genitive. For nouns that do not fall into the above categories (America does not in this sentence) we make use of in + ablative to represent location


Dulingo would not take: Num iuvenis non habitat America, or Num iuvenis habitat america


Rachel, 1. You have said 'young man lives' instead of 'young men live'. 2. Think of 'num' as being 'surely not'; then you don't need another 'not'.


Num iuvenis non habitat in America is not accepted since the num already implies the non you added.


Surely you do not live in Boston?

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