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Enrolling Students

I have three students who are trying to enroll into my DuoLingo classroom using the same link. No matter what we do, only one student will show up in my classroom. The other two are not able to join. They have logged out and logged back in. One student created a new account. I am not sure how to get them enrolled. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

September 16, 2019



Hello, I have been having this same problem happen in my 6 classes. All of my students are trying to join the DuoLingo classrooms. There are at most only 4 students showing up in each class of 15-25 students. I read @pentaan's thread, and I have watched to make sure they are clicking "join class". They have tried and tried again, and I have seen that they have successfully created Duolingo accounts using their school Google login. For some reason, even though they click "join class", they are not being added. Please help!

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