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Print lessons/grades

Hi. I'm using Duolingo as my daughter's home school high school foreign language. Is there a place I can print lessons/grades and find quizzes/tests for her? Thanks so much.

September 16, 2019

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what language? French? Korean?

Is there a place I can print lessons/grades

This will work if you create a specific classroom for a given language pair (e.g English -> French) here: https://schools.duolingo.com


and find quizzes/tests for her?

This is IMHO not the right place to look here for.

I heard that http://lawlessfrench.com/ adds useful tips and http://french.kwiziq.com/ provides all those relevant grammar tests if you go for a paying subscription.

home school high school foreign language

Isn't there any curriculum from her "school high school"?

Q1: Is this monitored / assisted by any (local) teachers or are you alone on yourself with doing this homeschool teacher job all the time?

Q2: How do you want to do any tests and prepare her if you can not use existing - best interactive - resources provided by her school? (sorry, I have not tried Kwiziq myself)

Besides the "normal language tree" and the linked "sentence discussions" you can not find quite much here on Duolingo (which is still better than to have nothing).
Of course there are the language exchange forums where you can ask specific questions to other community users if they do not fit the "sentence discussion" for a specific question/translation well.

I think that the French staff tree12 can keep you busy

for ~1,8-2,3 years

if you / your daugther takes it more slowly.
Of course if you want to go for "binge learning" or putting more time per day / week into it, you can be faster in completing it on a L1 or L1-L3 crown pyramid system.

For French "Duolingo stories" and "French Podcasts" (freshly launched) are also available.

I am a bit astonished that you think that Duolingo will be enough for homeschooling?!?

I mean you are playing to be her foreign language teacher...
you probably want to have some linguistic background to be successful with that and be able to push her into "grammar drills", reviews based on weak words or difficult topics, speaking, group exercises, etc.

Q3: Do you already speak those required languages you have to teach her - at least on an upper-intermediate / advanced level?

Some people here actually believe (probably from their own experiences, being a retired teacher, etc.) that it is not a really good idea to try to teach a language to someone else when you are yourself a beginner (e.g correct pronunciation, speaking practice, etc.) or you have to start TOTALLY from scratch like many learners - like me - had to do it.
But I have no experience with this nor with French so I won't comment on this.


Honestly, I am a huge fan of interactive material, but if I knew I could get along with printed (black and white) PDF texts on paper, I probably would also take a quick look at any available FSI/DLI material in parallel or after a while as the Duolingo content is limited in its difficulty factor after a while...



Funnily I have to say, that I do not feel that I have outgrown the content of my three Portuguese trees which I have been learning here (+Memrise, 50languages, Mondly,...) since 2,5 years :-)

I have heard / read that Mango offers in the US a specific "Homeschooling" program (or at least dedicated website / section).


To my understanding the French CEFR tree, created by staff/contractors, teach less and less formal grammar - as they have removed so many dedicated "grammar skills" (available in a previous tree version) but rather moved to a theme-oriented topic course which includes on-the-fly grammar but you really have no clue which topic does what.


My Portuguese from English course is very differently designed!

You can use the updated French contributor tree3 "tips and notes" from moderators here as a first grammar reference point: http://www.duome.eu/en/zz

Korean is here: https://www.duome.eu/tips/en/ko

But a good / real school (story) book + grammar book would be IMHO good to complement the Non-grammar CEFR French tree.
Make sure you exactly know what content your school is expecting from your daugther or or else she might learn different things or misses some parts.

Important: Duolingo is missing - besides stories - all "real-life" two-person dialogs like I have them on Mondly with the "conversation lessons".

Don't forget the official Memrise courses 1-7 on the web portal: https://www.memrise.com/courses

In the community forum the "News / announcement section" has stated that they have restructured French 1+2 courses (from UK English...maybe from US English got some recent updates too).

You can find many more (incl. some grammar, Duolingo vocabulary clone courses...probably missing all the content from last 2-3+ tree updates) user-created courses on the "Memrise Decks": https://decks.memrise.com

Personally I think that all those resources can / should be used in ADDITION to any given cirriculum / good material from the school.

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