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  5. "The parrots sing sweetly."

"The parrots sing sweetly."

Translation:Psittaci suaviter cantant.

September 16, 2019



What a fantasy. Their boisterous awking at dawn is frightful!


Why is psittacos not accepted when it is given as a suggestion on that word?


It would have been more helpful if the two people who had down-voted this question had been able to offer an explanation and an example of when to use -os and when to use -i endings to form plurals.


Psittacos is plural accusative, that is, it's the object of a verb, whereas psittaci is plural nominative, or the subject of the sentence which performs the action.

Thus: psittaci pulsant = the parrots hit vs Psittacos pulsant = they hit the parrots

Since you know, thus is latin duolingo and it's all about the parrot wallopin'

Hope this helps


Parrot does a good thing after all


Changing the format mid week? Perfidus et impius est.

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