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"The restaurant is expensive but good."

Translation:اَلْمَطْعَم غالي لٰكِنّ طَيِّب.

September 16, 2019



What is the difference between 'Tayyib' and 'jayyid'?


My sense is that /jayyid/ is more objectively "good", "proficient", "well-designed", "competent" etc (of a person or thing), while /Tayyib/ (that we've only and always seen here applied to food) is more aesthetically "nice", "likeable", "pleasant" etc. Rule-of-thumb: use /Tayyib/ with food! (Including drink, restaurants, etc.)


اَلْمَطْعَمُ غالٍ لَكِنْ طَيِّبٌ.

اَلْمَطْعَمُ غالٍ لَكِنَّهُ طَيِّبٌ.


I type المطعم but my lam-mim combination is automatically converted to a different form, which I know is correct, but it tells me I have a spelling mistake. I can't reproduce it here, I think it's an open-type thing — the input box on the site is using Geeza Pro whereas this one is in Arial.

On a side-note, I've had success increasing the text size using a custom CSS file, but I haven't managed to change the fonts yet. Not sure why.


The G-Board offers selection between regional Arabic keyboards. They seem to vary by autocorrect rather than keys. Perhaps some similar aspect can be changed with your software.


Gboard is great on my phone! But I think the issue here isn't to do with the regional variation, it's to do with how the typeface interprets combinations of characters for display.


There's nothing wrong with my solution???

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