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Latin course suggestion?

Would it be possible the the mouseover popup clues to contain information about the word in addition to the translation?

For example currently "femina" shows "a woman", "woman" and "the woman". If it's possible, would showing also the word type, declension/conjugation etc. (like "noun, singular, 1st declension, vocative") be possible? Would it be helpful?

Otherwise, I'm loving the course.

September 16, 2019


[deactivated user]

    The gender alone would be extremely helpful, and not just in Latin


    It would be great to have that, but it seems that at the moment, duolingo just doesn't support that kind of hint, neither for Latin nor for other languages.


    It will probably get better over time and mirror the more established languages on the platform, honestly I'm super impressed by the quality of the course so far.


    I think that would be super helpful! But I'm not sure if Duolingo supports that kind of suggestion; if you go to the information tab of each skill, they'll show you the conjugations. I just refer to that whenever I'm confused.

    Also, adding that might make the hints too obvious and give away too much of the answer, so I can see why that wouldn't be added!


    I would like to see some Latin sayings in the course, somewhat like the German idioms in the German course. Great that Duo has this and Greek.

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