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  5. "My book is my teacher."

"My book is my teacher."

Translation:Liber meus est magister meus.

September 16, 2019



Why is it all nominative? Is it due to the verb est (is), indicating that the teacher as well as the book is the subject of the sentence. I've forgotten this part of grammar since school. If it had been "My book was read by my teacher", then "the book" would have been accusative, right?

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"My teacher read the book."
What was read? What received the action of the verb?
The book -- accusative

And as you can see, only the direct object of a transitive verb can be promoted to the subject in a passive construction.
"The book was read (by my teacher)."

"My book is my teacher."
There is no action here. Transitivity only applies to active verbs. "To be/esse" is a stative verb, which means it takes subject complements, which are also in the nominative.


Thank you! There was something called predikatsfyllnad in Swedish grammar, "predicative" in English, which seems to be closely related to the "subject complement" you write about. Now I remember!

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The predicate is just the rest of the sentence after the subject, but there is such a thing as the predicate nominative, which is what's going on here: the nominative in the predicate.


Awful construction...

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Are you going to randomly bellyache or are you going to back up your claim with sources?


I like it. It sounds poetic.

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