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"The dinner is in the dining room."

Translation:Cena in cenaculo est.

September 16, 2019



Did ancient Romans have dining rooms? Just curious. I don't know how there homes were set up.


An elite fraction of people were Triclīnia dining. • Prūsiās, A Romance of Ancient Rome Under the Republic, Ernst Eckstein, Leipzig, Autumn 1883

ArchitriclīnusArchitriclīnī Presiding Feast Master • Triclīniarchēs Triclīniarcha The chief servant slave charged with provisioning the dining table. • Borrowed from Ancient Greek τρικλινιάρχης (trikliniárkhēs), from τρεῖς (treîs) + κλίνω (klínō) + -άρχης (-árkhēs). • • TriclīniumTria triclīnia in triclīniō • from Ancient Greek τρικλίνιον (triklínion), from τρεῖς ( treîs, three ) + κλίνω ( klínō, to lean ) • • Triclīnium - The Roman formal dining room in which three, room entryway facing, semi-circular placed, Klinē - Klinai ( Plural) - Lēctus Triclīnaris - couch on which to recline on the left side, made comfortable with cushions and pillows, set on three sides around a low square table with the fourth side left open for service access. Each of 9 diners, 3 per couch, lēctus summus, lēctus medius & lēctus īmus, reclined on their left side, propped upon the pillows and cushions, while household slaves served multiple courses rushed out from the Culīna


I just realized that in Spanish "cenaculo" means "dinner ass"

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No. The "culo" there does not mean "ass", just as a notable achievement does not mean there is no table.


Well, aren't you a barrel of laughs.

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