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"Histrio et medicus sunt aegri."

Translation:The actor and the doctor are sick.

September 17, 2019



Latin Word Order • Verb-Final is less common in numerous Latin expression types, such as: Copula Verb, Existential Verb, Imperatives, Subject Complement, Interrogatory and etc., where Verb-Initial, Verb-Medial or Verb-Penultimate is vernacular.

Verb-Final is less common in later than in earlier era writings. Some Latin authors use Verb-Final only 25%. Some earlier authors, who used Verb-Final for some expressions, used Verb-Final for other expression types only 35%. Verb-Final is used less in main than in subordinate clauses.

Synthetic Latin Grammar allows flexible Latin Word Order and versatile communication.

Many typicsl Latin clause and phrase types have varied word order: Latin Word OrderVerb Positions • Latin Word Order ThoughtcoLatin Word Order


You have become the very thing you swore to destroy!


Another solution. the actor and the doctor are ill


"Then is there another doctor in the house?!"


Could anyone clear up my confusion with 'aegri' being able to be interpreted as 'sick men'? How does that work?

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Long story short, it's treating the adjective as short for noun+adjective. We do the same in English: "Give me your tired [people], your poor [people]..."


Why is medic not an accepted translation?


The correct sentence should be "aegri sunt" as the verb comes last in latin


Not if that verb is to be.


Look for SVO and SOV pattern. Even though there is not correct order. Just desirable order.

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With "esse", there is no object, only a subject complement, which is in the nominative.

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