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Ojalá hint: Olajá

I'm new to this whole duolingo thing but I didn't find this hint particularly helpful.

Is this me being stupid or an error? All the other hints gave hints (i.e. translations).


June 19, 2014



I think it may be giving you the Arabic origin of the world. I wish, I hope that


That link doesn't give much, but there's a long list of Spanish words of Arabic origin here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabic_language_influence_on_the_Spanish_language

ojalá: "I hope"; "I wish that...". From law šhaʾ allāh "God willing."


Yeah, I had figured out the meaning, was just amused how the hint was the word. Interesting to know about the origin though! Assuming this is a bug/error, how can I submit it to be corrected?

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