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  5. "كَراجَك مُمْتاز يا بوب."

"كَراجَك مُمْتاز يا بوب."

Translation:Your garage is amazing, Bob.

September 17, 2019



the word مُمْتاز, I saw it in a dictionary translated as excellent, and not amazing. anyone can explain? thanks a lot.

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Yes indeed. It is "excellent" rather than "amazing" and many posted about that here but not sure the contributors are checking out this. Amazing is مذهل (muD-hil) or مدهش (mud-hiš).


None of these examples are interesting it useful, unless my amazing translator has a giant garage


But am I the only one to hear an extra syllable - "a" - after "your garage" and before "amazing/excellent". It sounds like karazhak a mumtez... no? Is this a computer fault, or is that how people speak, and is there a reason for it?

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First of all, let's correct the audio: Karájuka mumtáz yá bob. The speaker spelled (J) as (ZH) - typical. Also, it should be Karájuka simply because it is a subject (nominative case).
The (-a) you hear after (karájuk) normal and it should be so; It is part of the possessive suffix (-ka) "your/m". The feminine counterpart is (-ki).
Typically the final sound disappears when it comes at the end of the sentence, and the word could be spelled : karájuk; This is in the case of the masculine suffix. The feminine ending (-ki) is typically not shortened to make it, let's say, more elaborate that a female is spoken to.
In modern dialects, specifically in the Levant and Egypt, the vowel in these 2 suffixes is flipped back, becoming (-ak) and (-ik) for the masculine and the feminine respectively.


I really think that a comma tile should be here or the English makes no sense.

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