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  5. "Qu'majvaD 'ut jInmolvam."

"Qu'majvaD 'ut jInmolvam."

Translation:This project is crucial to our mission.

September 17, 2019



I had answered this by using the word 'critical' in place of 'crucial' and it was markeed wrong. Is this a case of a missing correct answer or case of me missing something about the difference between crucial and critical?


I think that's fine. I've added it to the alternative translations.


I said important instead of crucial and got marked wrong ... From earlier topics, I thought 'ut meant important although I might be wrong?


'ut is translated as "necessary" or "essential". The difference in meaning between the words, "necessary" and "important" are subtle, but the exact same subtle difference exists in Klingon with "important" translated as potlh.


Ah ok I've got it - thankyou so much for the explanation :-)

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