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  5. "Nos esurimus."

"Nos esurimus."

Translation:We are hungry.

September 17, 2019



Seneca, Ad Lucilium Epistulae Morales:

«At parum habet qui tantum non alget, non esurit, non sitit».

[For one has very little, who is merely free from cold, hunger or thirst].


Love this, thanks <3


Ok. I wanna know whether Duo is gonna teach us other tenses or not. This is literally the final skill.

Does other tenses do not exist in Latin (Very very unlikely though) or Duo is not gonna teach us.

If not, I would feel kinda disappointed cause the course feels incomplete without learning other tenses.


Currently the course does not. They made a same tree to test the waters and plan on making a longer tree later (if I remember correctly). There are a few discussions talking about their plans.


Where do you read it? I also wanna see whether if they are planning or not. I would like to contribute to this course (as I am learning other tenses, moods from wikipedia) but you need to be bilingual. :(

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What about "we starve"?

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