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"Mom tells us to be careful when driving this car."

Translation:Ibu berkata agar kami berhati-hati ketika mengendarai mobil ini.

September 17, 2019



Why use agar? It isnt in the drop down hints


I wonder the same. The definition is "so that, so, for", and this just doesn't seem to fit the syntax of the sentence.


Agar might mean 'in order to', might make sense in that sentence.

Ibu berkata agar kami berhati-hati ketika mengendarai mobil ini. Mom tells us (be safe) in order to be careful when driving this car.


You must be right about that, but geez, that's a lot of manipulation to show how it works! But that's how language study is, I suppose. Thank you!


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Ibu berkata kami berhati-hati ketika mengendarai mobil ini. Is this grammatically incorrect with out the "agar"?


It is fine without 'agar', said by my indonesian friend.


From my view as a native speaker, your statement written there will have the nuance of "My mom said that we had been careful at the time we drove this car". So it is like you are talking to your friends but they don't believe you were driving that car safely and then you shout "Tidak! Ibu bilang kami berhati-hati (kok) ketika mengendarai mobil ini". That "kok" is more likely to emphasize your plead :D. Hope it is answered!


bilang should be accepted


Yes, agreed. Sometimes people have to adjust because correct answers can be many sometimes and all can't be added.


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Mom said to us to be careful when... ?

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