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How to know, when the vowel i, is written left or right?

How to know, when the vowel i, is written left or right? I mean this I vowel as in (हिन्दी).

September 17, 2019


[deactivated user]

    The two vowels are different sounds, distinguished by length. The left one is the short-i इ and the right one the long-i ई. We may write "Hindi", but it sounds like "Hindee", no? The first "i" is short, the second "i" long. Think of "ship" vs "sheep".

    But unless you get very good with the pronunciation and sound of Hindi, I think it's something you have to remember as part of the spelling.


    thank you very much


    Give it time. You'll learn the spellings as you go through it. I learnt to speak the language even before I knew how to write it, yet I kept committing this mistake for a long time.

    You need to interact AND try writing by visualising the sound and then checking it. Only that way you'll get the hang of it


    I am an indian and even i get confused most of the time but , there is a difference in their pronunciation

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