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  5. "Where is the moon tonight?"

"Where is the moon tonight?"

Translation:आज रात चाँद कहाँ है?

September 17, 2019



So why not "chand kahan arge rat hei?"


Does कहाँ have to be right before the है? I put आज रात कहाँ चाँद है and it was wrong.


I think it does. Your version kind of says "where tonight is, there is the moon" if you get my drift. What Hindi does is say "where is" (the end bit) that then points to the object (the moon). I hope this makes sense.


Yes, thank you for your response! This does help!


Why not आज रात को


I was wondering also if there is an "invisible" को that should be accepted.

रात को means "nights, at night".

आज रात means "tonight".

आज रात को आठ बजे means "at eight o'clock tonight" (but note that it's in the near future in that phrase).

But maybe if it's already night, and we're wondering where the moon is right now, को does not make sense anymore?

[deactivated user]

    I think चाँद आज रात्रि कहाँ है should also be accepted?

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