Is there a way to reset a lesson? For example, I stopped dulingo 3 or 4 months for some reason. Now I back to dulingo and wanted to start over because I've forgot what I've learned. I started a lesson and wanted to learn it again, but it started to practice automatically. So, how do I start and learn it from vocabulary? :(

April 21, 2013


Only the first couple of lessons have a picture, translation and pronunciation of (some of) the vocabulary. For the rest, you have to read the sentence, hear the audio (possibly using the slow button for audio), hover the mouse over words to see proposed translation (and possibly check a dictionary if there is something you do not understand). As far as I know there has been no change in this area. The recent changes are not related to your questions. If you have no sound, then there is a technical issue that needs to be resolved.

im gessing that u might have to make a new account :(

How come it started to practice automatically? Don't you see the blue books of lessons inside the units?

That's what I see if I go to my long-learned Basics 1 German unit:

I can redo the lessons if I feel like it.

oh, sorry I didn't clear that. What I mean is in every blue book's own practice. When you start a new lesson, it starts showing new vocabularies and basically let you know what it's meaning and how it pronounce and then starts practice for that lesson. When you finish that lesson and wanted to start over, it seems to start practice that lesson, not showing the pronounce or meaning what I thought. That's what I mean. It is good to put a button that can let users to start as a new lesson because of the forgotten.

The sound should work regardless of whether the lesson is new or old. Check your settings. There is also the "peek" option - point your cursor to the word you don't remember and you'll see its meaning. Anyway, there are dictionaries that are always better. Try, for example.

I looked at your skill trees, it seems that you only did a few lessons so far. I'm sure you'll remember some words and manage the other ones if you give yourself a real try.

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