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  5. "a happy American father"

"a happy American father"

Translation:أَب أَمْريكِيّ سَعيد

September 17, 2019


[deactivated user]

    Why should it be father American happy? Is there some sort of order of adjectives?


    If there is a list of adjectives, they go in reverse order after the noun. (But if they are connected with the word "and" they will stay in the same order around the word "and".)


    Why? If you are trying to translate a list of adjectives that is completely non-hierarchical (e.g big, blue, capacious, useful), why don't you just repeat the order the speaker said, instead of reversing it in the order spoken (e.g. useful, capacious, blue, big)?


    I am a native speaker Actually there is a mistake in this question it should be يوم اب امريكي سعيد


    either solution is good? why should it not be as written in Artabic?

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