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"I would like bread and cookies."

Translation:Panem et crustula velim.

September 18, 2019



Can i use crustulum here?


I also thought that since, panem is in accusative case, then also crustulum (accusative case) should be used,


crustulum is neuter -um = singular -a = plural it doesn't change between nominative and accusative for this type of noun.


It IS in accusative case. Neuter plural accusative.


I have the same question. Why in feminine?


Crustulum is neutral and crustula is its plural.


No. Crustulum is cookie. Singular.


Something to consider;

Many Indo-European languages are related to each other, and this can certainly be seen in the inflections.

The third declension nouns, like panis or piscis (fish) (piscis, piscem, piscis, pisci, pisce; pisces, pisces, piscum, piscibus, piscibus) match what we expect of English and other Germanic languages in their modern standardised forms, and this is still visible in piscis' cognate to fish in Old English (fisc, fisc, fisces, fisce; fiscas, fiscas, fisca, fiscum), more so in Proto-Germanic.

However neuter are like the word 'sheep' which in the plural, having lost its suffixes, is also sheep. In Proto-Germanic the singular is is skēpą, but plural is skēpō - this is identical to Latin -um, -a.


Shouldn't it be "panes" instead of "panem", since it's accusative plural, like cookies? Or is bread uncountable in Latin as well?

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