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  5. "ngopvetlh wIneHbe'."

"ngopvetlh wIneHbe'."

Translation:We don't want those plates.

September 18, 2019



Doesn't the prefix wI- only apply to singlar objects? Shouldn't it be using DI- as a prefix instead?


I hope you don't mind that I reinstated your question. I'm guessing you found your answer and felt you no longer needed your question to be presented here. However, it is an excellent question and worth answering here in case others come with the same question. If you really don't want it here, feel free to delete it again.

The answer is that "plates" are like a mass noun in Klingon - like the word "dishware" in English. "Dishware" doesn't get pluralized in English and is talked about in the singular:
-"What shall we do with the dishware? It might be in the way."
-"Put it away! It will not be needed."


Yeah, as soon as I posted I remembered something about mass plurals, rechecked the lesson, and realized my mistake. A reinstate is fine if you think it's helpful to others.

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