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  5. "أَكْل مَغْرِبِيّ"

"أَكْل مَغْرِبِيّ"

Translation:Moroccan food

September 18, 2019



I wrote : A morocan food. It says it's wrong ??

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Actually Duolingo is wrong here. The phrase should have been: Moroccan Cuisine.
Anyway, maybe your answer was considered wrong because you added (a). Report it (though i don't know if they will fix it anyway).


I wrote the right answer but it marked it wrong!!


Sounds like Moroccan food = aklu maghribi, but a couple of examples back, i think it was "good food", and it was aklun maghribi. Both are adjectival phrases, so why the difference between aklu and aklun?

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Yes, the audio is wrong in fact. It should be (aklun), not (aklu) here.

The -un vowel is called Tanwin or Nunation. You can consider it as a marker for indefinite nouns (and adjectives), somehow similar to the a/an in English. Since the sentence above is indefinite (the word for food أكل is not defined with AL) then it should be (aklun) أكْلٌ


OK, thanks for confirming my suspicions.


In hindi, and many other north Indian languages maghribi means western so western food must mean food from Europe and Americas.

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the adjective مغربي is derived from المغرب (Morocco).

If western food is meant in Arabic that would be: غربي (ğarbiy), which is an adjective derived from غرب (ğarb), meaning west.


Each time i am penalised for writing Morrocan instead of Moroccan!

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