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"The comrade throws the fish onto the floor."

Translation:Comes pisces in pavimentum iacit.

September 18, 2019



Couldn't he have thrown just one fish on the floor?


"Pisces" is accusative plural, but you don't know if "the fish" is plural or singular in English.

So, both piscem, and pisces have to be accepted, for "the fish".

To translate "piscem", you can use the fish or a fish = both are valid translations.


That's what I thought - piscem - but Duolingo didn't give me an opportunity to say my answer should also be accepted.


When you think your answer is correct but not accepted, if you are sure of it, just report it, with the button.


Still not accepted (8 Jan 2020). I have reported it.


Pavīmentum n floor ( of beaten down small stones ) from Paviō (“beat down, tread”)

Iaciō Iacere throw, hurl, cast, fling; throw away, lay, set, build, found, erect, establish, emit, produce, sow, scatter, project


wouldn´t be "in pavimento" instead of "in pavimentum". Ablative


"In pavimento", ablative, would be used if there was no move.

Here it's to throw, it implies a move, it is not static.

In pavimentum is in+accusative, it's a move.


wouldn´t be piscem instead of pisces. accussative singular


The fish can be singular or plural.

The fish is white. The fish are grey.

"piscem" is plural accusative, so, it's okay.
"pisces" is singular accusative, so, it's okay.


This one is particularly fun to say...

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