September 18, 2019



What is the difference between peela and peeli?


The name of the colour (when used as a noun) is पीला.
When used as an adjective, पीला is the masculine singular form, पीली is the feminine form and पीले is the masculine plural form. Eg: पीला केला (yellow banana), पीले केले (yellow bananas), पीली गाड़ी (yellow car), पीली गाड़ियाँ (yellow cars) where केला is a masculine noun and गाड़ी is a feminine noun.


When the sentence does not have a subjet, which is the Substantiv form to be used? Answer please .


Generally when a sentence does not have a subject, adjectives are put into the default form which is singular masculine. That is unless the sentence has a subject that is specifically feminine or plural. I hope that answers your question.


It says पीला is the answer,but I answered peeli.It did not say that its wrong

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