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  5. "We write a book."

"We write a book."

Translation:Nós escrevemos um livro.

April 21, 2013



"Nós escrevemos um livro" is more used as the past tense "We wrote a book".

The present tense used is "Nós estamos escrevendo um livro" in Brazil, or "Nós estamos a escrever um livro" in Portugal.


I find the English sentence unnatural as well. "We are writing a book." would be more natural as it is a long process. Writing a book is not something one does every day, right? Eu imagino que a problema é que o DuoLingo ainda não ensinou o gerúndio. Encontro frases assim frequentemente aqui. Frases que são tecnicamente corretas mas não são naturais.


Thanks for the valuable lessons that come from these discussions! I have learned so much more from these discussions.


"Nós escrevemos um livro" is used as the present tense (We write a book) and the past tense (We wrote a book). "Nós estamos escrevendo um livro" = "We are writing a book"


Whats the difference between "uma" and "um"


"UM" is used for masculine nouns and "UMA" for feminine nouns. They both mean "a/an".


Is it possible to use 'a gente' in this sentence instead of nós? And if so, what would be the correct sentence?


Yes: A gente escreve um livro.

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Is the "Nos" compulsory here, or would "Escrevemos um livro" be natural? I get confused about which Romance languages allow pronoun drop and which don't...

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