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  5. "Your dog is hungry, Judy."

"Your dog is hungry, Judy."

Translation:كَلْبِك جَوْعان يا جودي.

September 18, 2019



What is the difference between کلبِک and کلبَک؟


Kalbik is for feminine and kalbak is for masculine. Means if noun is female then we use 'kalbik'. Eg: 'your dog samia' . We translate it like 'kalbik ya, samia'. And if noun is male then we use 'kalbak'. Eg: 'your dog George'. We translate it like 'kalbak ya, George'.

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The whole audio is wrong here actually. The correct form should be: Kalbuki já'i3 yá júdí.

The original word is كلب (kalb) meaning dog, and its end changes according to its position in the sentence. If the word comes as accusative (a verb is acting on it) then it would be كلبَ (kalba), and if a preposition comes before it then it would change to كلبِ (kalbi). Then there is the suffix for (your), which can be (-ka ـكَ) if you are talking to a male, or (-ki ـكِ) if you are talking to a female. Singulars of course.


In the choices you have proposed between v to diffrentiate between if the owner is masculine or fiminine is not related to the letter "ب" but to the letter "ك" so "كلبُكِ" or "كلبُكَ" and this is a basic error.

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What is "jawaniyya"?

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