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When can Hawaiian be used in life

Is it relevent i want to continue learning it

September 18, 2019



Maybe it'll expand its usage outside Hawaii, but only if we actively speak and preserve it. Who knows?


it's only useful if you go to Hawaii. But then again, it is a dying language, and so it helps if lots of people know it.


I confirm. When Iʻll be back in Hawaiʻi one day for vacation Iʻll try to practice it every day


E kala mai i'au, I'm sorry. E ola 'olelo Hawai'i. The Hawaiian language is alive and continue to increase as more people continue to learn the Hawaiian language and use it. They are pioneering and opening up new territory like "Apple" corporation who has incorporated the use of the language in their devises. You can go online like Duolingo and text like I'm doing. Join groups that are activity using the language. Japan has many hula halau where you can learn the Hawaii through songs and dances. Like the halau, they should have language speakers go to Japan to teach the Hawaiian language there too. Artist, Kumu Hula (dance instructors), Practitioners in Hala weaving, Kapa making, and musicians etc should be visiting Japan to share their art and the use of the Hawaiian language. Continue to learn through apps like Duolingo but search online for other learning tools. Kamehameha Schools has a online class. Enjoy


I totally agree with you. You have much 'ike continue to spread it. Malama Pono!


The Hawaiian language i coming back! We have to put mana into it. From a true Kanaka.

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