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"صَباح اَلْخَيْر يا أُسْتاذ! صَباح اَلْنّور يا بوب!"

Translation:Good morning, sir! Good morning to you, Bob!

September 18, 2019



If you're interested in the literal translation صباح الخير means literally morning of goodness, صباح النور is morning of lightness, But both mean Good morning, Now the difference is only that النور is an optional traditional response to الخير.. X: صباح الخير Y: صباح النور BOTH MEANS THE SAME


Good morning, sir! Good morning, Bob, should be accepted because "to you" is implied and not stated.


I agree, as should, "Good morning, teacher! Good morning, Bob."


Agree where is the "to you"?


Think it might be useful to have something showing that the audio is still playing -- I kept missing out the second sentence! Also, the way they say "Bob" is amusing :P


Usually it's the other way around, arabs have a hard time saying P and pronounce it B


Yeah,Bob to me is:B. Weird.


Is the use of الخير followed by النور a fixed part of the greeting and response? That is, would it be incorrect to answer with الخير or to use النور first?


Yes, I believe the greeting الخير is followed by the response النور and that the reverse would be unconventional.


Oh, I thought الخير was the formal greeting and النور was informal. Thanks for clearing that up for me!


You can use الخير for the greeting and the response. However, النور is almost always only used as a response only.


I thought sobah un noor is good day

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