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  5. "Her name is long."

"Her name is long."

Translation:اِسْمها طَويل.

September 18, 2019



Shouldnt it be طويلة instead ?


I think the word (ism) is a male noun. Because words like mo3alim have a female version too (mo3alima), I was kinda confused too


Can please some tell me whether it could be pronounced " ismiha " instead of " ismoha " and when " fatha " and when " kasra " is used ? I am very confused regarding this



Arabic has its own rules for the ending sound. Whether it changes or not is according to some special conditions. For examples:

(1) In the nominative case, it is Damma "u" (generally).

اسمُها سامية

"2ismuhaa samia" means "Her name is Samia". Here "2ismuhaa" is u because the phrase is a subject.

(2) In the genitive case, it is kasra (generally).

مِن اسمِها

"min 2ismihaa" means "from her name". Here "2ismihaa" is with -i because of مِن.

(3) In the accusative case, it is fatHa (generally).

أعرف اسمَها

"2a3rifu 2ismahaa" means "I know her name". Here "2ismahaa" is with -a because the phrase is the object of the sentence.

Nb: they are just a few examples, one for each case. The actual numbers are more.

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