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Is there a way to correlate sentences I can translate to what words I have worked on?

I am over my head with the translating some of the sentences (along with german conjugation) , and I was wondering if there was a way to correlate sentences I should be able to translate to the modules I have run through

April 21, 2013



Not currently! Interesting idea though.


I am a techie person, I am trained as a programmer. I don't know anything about how duolingo's db is set up. I am surmising there is a word list per module, and that each sentence that needs to be translated in the database (or paragraphs). I would take each sentence, and compare it to each new work starting from the earliest module to the last and generate a percentage (of words that you can translate) for each module. I would do this as a running total, so that I could attempt sentences that I know most of the words in before I know all of them.

of course this would depend on the database setup and may neccisitate some changes to it, but I think it would help me to do this. Either that, or a list of german books I could read with the vocabulary I have.

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