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  5. "The five boys live at home."

"The five boys live at home."

Translation:Quinque pueri domi habitant.

September 18, 2019



Doesn't everybody live at home? thonk


die XVIII septembris MMXIX: no audio for this one yet


estne "quinque pueri in domi habeo" verum? they dont accept this answer. and say it should be like that: "quinque pueri domi habeo" am i right?


At least 3 problems with your sentence:
1. quinque pueri is a nominative plural, meaning 5 boys who are the subject of the verb, so doing something, in the example they are doing the living; 2. 'domi' by itself is a special case (locative) and conveniently means 'at home', it does not need any preposition; in a different context you could have in domum, into the house, or in domo inside the house, but never in domi; 3. habeo = I have, is the 1st person singular present tense of the 2nd declension verb habere, to have; the verb in the example is 'habitant' = they live - 3rd person plural of the 1st declension verb habitare, to live, to dwell, to inhabit. You could say: quinque pueros domi habeo = I have five boys at home, but that is quite different.


"Habitat" should be marked as wrong, not a typo.


Report it as "My answer should not have been accepted". The Latin course has a problem with accepting incorrect answers.

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