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  5. "The five boys live at home."

"The five boys live at home."

Translation:Quinque pueri domi habitant.

September 18, 2019



Doesn't everybody live at home? thonk


Some people live rough (on the streets). Some are nomadic, and live in different places at different times. Some crash with others, because they have no base (invisible homeless). Some live on the road. Some are in a state of perpetual travel. Some are migrant workers, and are often far from home. Some work in countries that are not their own, sending money home and going back to refresh their visas and remember who they are; of those, some live in employer-provided shelter, which may mean sleeping stacked, in shifts. Some have been forced to flee, for reasons natural or human-made. Some are not truly home in their homes. Some have been in hospitals for so long they can scarcely remember their home, if they still have one.

Some people live at home.


I too, live at home.


die XVIII septembris MMXIX: no audio for this one yet


estne "quinque pueri in domi habeo" verum? they dont accept this answer. and say it should be like that: "quinque pueri domi habeo" am i right?


At least 3 problems with your sentence:
1. quinque pueri is a nominative plural, meaning 5 boys who are the subject of the verb, so doing something, in the example they are doing the living; 2. 'domi' by itself is a special case (locative) and conveniently means 'at home', it does not need any preposition; in a different context you could have in domum, into the house, or in domo inside the house, but never in domi; 3. habeo = I have, is the 1st person singular present tense of the 2nd declension verb habere, to have; the verb in the example is 'habitant' = they live - 3rd person plural of the 1st declension verb habitare, to live, to dwell, to inhabit. You could say: quinque pueros domi habeo = I have five boys at home, but that is quite different.


"Habitat" should be marked as wrong, not a typo.


Report it as "My answer should not have been accepted". The Latin course has a problem with accepting incorrect answers.


Plot twist: I live at home too.


Nominative: Quinque pueri + the action they do. Accusative: Quinque pueros habeo (in this case they don't do any action because the subject is "I have". Pueri (boys being the subject) Pueros (boys being the object)

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