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  5. "The courier counts letters."

"The courier counts letters."

Translation:Tabellarius epistulas numerat.

September 18, 2019



The hovertext for "letters" lists "litteras" as a possible answer, but that word wasn't accepted. It's clearer (now) that the kind of letter is a written note to be delivered to others (epistula), but it's confusing at first glance. Both "littera" and "epistula" could be "letter," correct? (reported)


Littera is a letter as in a letter of the alphabet. Epistula is a letter as in a piece of mail.


Yes, but Litterae (the plural) can mean one letter (piece of correspondence) in Latin.


I tried Tabellaria epistulas numerat. But it did now work. What if it is a mailwoman - would this not be correct?

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