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  5. "قِطَّتي عَلى ٱلْكُرْسي."

"قِطَّتي عَلى ٱلْكُرْسي."

Translation:My cat is on the chair.

September 18, 2019



I wrote "My cat's on the chair" and it wasn't accepted. Can you add this one to the pre-formulated answers as well, please?

Btw, my cat is really on the chair right in this second... Duo seems to know everything... ;-)


You will need to make this comment in the flagged area. In this comment area only those studying will see your complaint.


Sometimes they just have mix ups but u were right, i wrote the same and it worked.


Would I be understood if I misspelled the preposition عَلا ?



When we change/mispell ع into another letter such as أ in some words, the meaning can also be changed.

ألى : النعمة

(Favor, Grace, ?)

But, in the daily conversation, people will hear us from the whole context. Understandable or not - it can be 50 : 50? So, we should try to avoid our misspelling.


Thanks a lot — five months ago! I actually thought of the difference between عَلا and عَلى. I am vere concerned about spelling and certainly want to get it right, but seen from outside (not knowing etymology or other context), these seem interchangeable. It would be interesting if some eager person could elaborate a bit.


What is the Arabic for "my chair" because كُرسي already ends by an ي. Is that an irregular word ?

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