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Technical problem - cannot upload profile picture

I cannot upload a profile picture via the settings page. When I browse to and select a picture, then click 'save changes', my browser pops up a question: "Do you want to open or save avatarsb22a299a (218 bytes) from duolingo.com?". If I choose to open it, it asks me to select a program; if I choose Notepad then I get a line of Javascript in Notepad.

I have tried various image formats including .jpg, .png and .bmp. All the image sizes have been well under 1MB (~10K).

I am using IE9 on Windows 7.

April 11, 2012



@MadPrince: as far as i know, admins don't look at each and every question here. This is mostly community generated content. Hence, for your issue, submit Feedback to the admins and they will resolve it.

<--- Feedback link on the left.


Thanks @kyoush, I will try that


FYI I submitted the same information via the Feedback box, they replied within minutes and fixed the problem a couple of days afterwards. :-)

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