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Concerning Latin Declensions Within Lessons

Being unsure of where to place suggestions, and indeed whether such a place exists, I decided to post in the Latin forum in the hopes of perhaps catching the attention of a contributer. Regarding nouns in the Latin curriculum, I was curious as to whether or not, when a noun is clicked on, it would be possible to include the declension as well as any translations. Such as clicking on "Senex" not only reveals that its translation is "old man" or "old" but also that it states that it is in the 3rd Declension. I believe this would be of great assistance to the beginner's journey into this wonderful language as it may perhaps help to give some context to the often confusing world that is so often Latin declensions. I honestly would undertake this myself, but unfortunately I am not a contributer for the language. I understand the contributors for the language are short staffed but moving forward post-beta, I believe this would prove to be a truly beneficial contribution to the awesone experience that is learning Latin. Just a thought.

September 19, 2019
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