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"Lei va a piedi al ristorante."

Translation:She walks to the restaurant.

June 20, 2014



Same situation, wrong translation 'on foot' va a pied in this case 'on foot' is OK and not 'on foot' when she walks to school....


I tried using 'she goes to the restaurant on foot' here but DL rejected it. Did I understand from your post that 'on foot' was accepted? I wonder why for you and not for me?


"She goes on foot to the restaurant" is correct/usual English and it is accepted. Anyway, IMHO the current main translation "She walks to the restaurant" is the most usual one.


Lei va = she goes
a piedi = on foots
al (a+il) ristorante = to the restaurant

~ She (goes on foot/)walks to the restaurant


Notice that "andare a piedi" uses the plural of "piede", unlike other Romance languages which use the singular for the same expression ("ir a pé" in Portuguese, "aller à pied" in French and "ir a pie" in Spanish).

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