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  5. "She wants to drink water."

"She wants to drink water."

Translation:वह पानी पीना चाहती है।

September 19, 2019



Y not.. " paani pena chahiey"??


When चाहिए is used with verbs (like पीना), it becomes 'should'. So, you need to use other forms of चाहना for 'want'.

उसे पानी पीना चाहिए - She should drink wanter
वह पानी पीना चाहती है - She wants to drink water


Please explain chayiye , chahathe , chahathi , chahatha . With examples


The verb चाहना and its other forms except for चाहिए always mean 'want'. चाहता is the masculine singular form, चाहती is the feminine form and चाहते is the masculine plural form.

Eg: राज बैंगलोर जाना चाहता है। - Raj wants to go to Bangalore
जूलिया आकाशवाणी पर गाना चाहती थी। - Julia wanted to sing on the radio
वे सोना चाहते हैं। - They want to sleep

On the other hand, चाहिए is 'should'/'need to' (when used with a verb) and 'need' or a stronger/more immediate form of 'want' (when used with a noun)

Eg: मुझे बैंगलोर जाना चाहिए। - I should go to Bangalore
उसे आकाशवाणी पर गाना चाहिए।- She should sing on the radio
मुझे सौ रुपये चाहिए। - I need ₹100 (expresses a stronger sentiment than चाहता/want)

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