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  5. "Iuppiter fulmen contorquet."

"Iuppiter fulmen contorquet."

Translation:Iuppiter hurls a thunderbolt.

September 19, 2019



Fulmen gave the French verb fulminer, meaning to be really angry, so angry that a smoke go out from your ears, as with a possible confusion with "fumée" (smoke).

This meaning of smoke is also in the non-figurative meaning (historically the first?). A powder that fulminates, is an exploding powder, (producing smoke I think) and the Fulminates are nowadays explosive compouds (ion CNO−)

In English in "to fulminate", fulminated.

To be so angry you want to throw thunders, and strike people with them.


The English for Iuppiter is Jupiter of course


Yes, and if it wasn't accepted, you can report it.


don't just report it: fulminate about it... ;)


yes, good occasion to use thunderbolt!


My opinion: sometimes this policy of not translating names in English becomes rather absurd. If you don't translate Stephanus because you fear that not only Stephen be accepted, but many other variants, for Jupiter, it's not the case (maximum 2: Jupiter and Jove). And it makes the sentence weird.


By Jove, I hadn't even noticed it was written "Iuppiter"...


contorqueo means I swing, brandish, wield, not hurl. The hurling sense is restricted to powerful oratory, presumably due to the arm movements associated with same. Indeed, the modern words derived from it and its root word are torsion and contortions, neither of which is associated with forward movement at all. http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus:text:1999.04.0059:entry=contorqueo

Or send whirling or rotating, according to the OLD. Like a frisbee, or a rifle.

Never mind, I found an instance of it in de bello africo.

It's not among the 18000 most common words, though.


In French "tournoyer", meaning throwing and rotating, at the same time. To twirl.

Twirl is the best translation for me. twirl


Is fulmen singular or plural (or both)?


Fulmen is singular (a or the thunderbolt).

Plural (nominative) is Fulmina.


Bolt of lightning is also accepted


Jove should be accepted as well as Jupiter


Luppiter, or Jupiter, has to be capitalized.


It's not Luppiter, it's Iuppiter and it is capitalized. That's a capital i at the beginning.

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