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"The woman is wearing the jackets."

Translation:Die Frau trägt die Jacken.

April 21, 2013



Does this mean that the woman is wearing multiple jackets at the same time? Can anyone tell me if this is a good sentence in German?


I think it could mean to wear multiple jackets at the same time as in layering but I think it can also mean The woman is carrying the jackets


I would imagine the situation as being one in which she is the only one around who wears jackets.

[deactivated user]

    im confused, when is needed to use "ä" instead of "a" in trag?


    'tragen' is a stem-changing verb. All stem-changing verbs change in the "du" and "er/sie/es" forms.

    There are 3 types of stem-changers:

    a - ä : tragen - sie trägt, but wir tragen

    e - ie : sehen - du siehst, but ich sehe

    e - i : geben - es gibt, but ihr gebt

    Hope this helps!


    For er/sie/es you use trägt


    If I used "Mantel" here, this is one of those that changes to the ä in the plural--is there a rule for knowing when?

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