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Assignment "missed", students on level 5 in Intro skill, won't show as being completed


I've started using Duolingo for Schools in my classroom lately and I absolutely love it! However, recently, I came across a problem with students who have worked a little bit ahead.

Specifically, I had two students who have reached level 5 in the Intro skill during the first week of school. The following week, I gave my classes the Intro skill as an assignment. The problem is that in the Assignments tab for the class, my students who reached level 5 in Intro is showing their assignment as "missed". I investigated further and logged-in to their accounts to complete a practice session in Intro... nothing changed. I even moved onto the next section (phrases) and got to level 1... still nothing.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. These students love using Duolingo and want to learn Spanish, however I find that it is very discouraging to them when they are working above and beyond and their assignments still show up as "missed". Thank you for any help with this situation!

September 19, 2019



I am having a similar problem. I had a student complete a lesson in Basics 1 right in front of me, and it has yet to show up in the assignment that he completed that lesson. I have another student and it shows that she did lessons 1-3 but then is only given credit for completing 2 lessons.


I am having the same issue. We need Duolingo to fix it ASAP. Flood them with emails teachers@duolingo.com to get the bug fixed.

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