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Need more Latin!

I just completed every exercise of the new Latin tree, achieving Level 5 in all 22 skills. I realize that this is a beta version, a very well crafted introduction. But I hope the plan is to add much more later, with the full array of tenses, moods and declensions, as well as an expanded vocabulary with material taken from the classics. I don’t recall too many drunken parrots or soiled toilets and bridges from the high school courses I took almost 60 years ago. The Duolingo creators obviously had some fun with this, which is great. But I look forward to a full version of Latin eventually.

Meanwhile, I will do many of the current exercises again, to reinforce. And I will keep trying to get to Level 5 up and down the tree in the three other languages I have attempted. Perhaps I will even begin another! I hear French and Mandarin Chinese beckoning ....

September 19, 2019


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What are these declensions everyone talks about and why are they said to be so hard to learn?


Declension refers to changes in the endings of nouns, pronouns and adjectives depending on their usage. Latin has six commonly used cases, plus three categories of nouns (masculine, feminine, neutral), each with a pattern of endings for specific situations (e.g., subject, direct object, indirect object, prepositional object, possessive). The patterns can be intimidating, and there are many exceptions to the rules. The only way to learn them is by practice and repetition of phrases in context. But eventually they become ingrained, even the exceptions.


Congratulations on finishing the tree!

According to the current developers, the plan is definitely to expand the course. I'll add a link if I can locate it.

You can also practice--including with timed practice--on your Duome page: click on a dumbbell on the right of any line, or click on a "Skill" name.


Need more Latin!

  • "Want more Latin!"


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