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Controlling access to stories

Is there a way to prevent access to stories for students?

September 19, 2019



Hello, you didn't give your discussion a title, so nobody can get to it from the list of discussions (without a title there is nothing to click on). Could you please add one?


Parental controls can do that, for any website. But if your students are using mobile apps, they do not have direct link to stories.


I would like to see a way for teachers to control access to the stories. I work in a Catholic school and there have been questions about the content of some of the stories from my administration. Parental control is great, but not all parents will limit access and I need to be able to do that while they are at school. I don't want to lose access to the entire site because the kids like it and I feel it is a great way for me to give my students who have more language knowledge the chance to be challenged.

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