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Doing the "CanCan" (QuamQuam)

I thought I'd relay this on the disputes about Latin pronunciation. Apparently the French attempted to reform their pronunciation of Latin which included at the time saying Quamquam (although, however) as 'cancan': the dispute was extremely heated, and the word cancan became a byword for any kind of scandalous performance.

And so it goes on!

September 19, 2019



And thus I end up with the finale from "Orpheus" stuck in my head. Thanks, French Latinists! :P

An interesting piece of info, though I will never understand how an m would become n. Confusion ... Must be the French pronunciation.

Thanks for posting! :)

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


In French, the "m" and "n" in these words is shown by nasalizing the vowel, but not fully pronounced (e.g. the lips are not brought fully together). (Also of course the "qu-" is sounded as "k-".) So French ka(m)-ka(m) and ca(n)-ca(n) sound very similar, much more so than fully sounded English kammmm-kammmm and cannnn-cannnn.

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