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"I like talking with my sister in the afternoon."

Translation:أُحِبّ اَلْكَلام مَعَ أُخْتي بَعْد اَلْظُّهْر.

September 19, 2019




September 19, 2019


I wish you would leave what I wrote on the screen so I can compare it with what it should be. Since, in all likelihood, my answer was more than 50% guess, usually, I cannot even remember what I wrote. Also, I sometimes disagree (not this time, though) with your finding fault. Once, I wrote "big" when you said it should be "large" (or vice versa); or I wrote "strange" when you required "weird"; my feeling for language tells me (wrongly?) that "weird" is just a hipper term for "strange"; I have about 15 different translations of the Qur'an, going from fake Old English (Pickthall) to poetic, even with rhymes (Thomas Cleary)—which in English is not easy; it is much too heterogeneous a language, but to a non-Muslim it conveys much better the feel of the original language, to highly contemporary / hip / slick (Yahya Emerick) . . . not to mention the qualities of 18th? 19th? century German which is closer to Arabic simply because it genders its nouns, and rhymes much more easily . . . Anyhow, I realize that my translations are usually guess-work, but still, occasionally, I find you inappropriately nit-picking.

September 26, 2019
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