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"The clever priest goes to the altar."

Translation:Sacerdos callidus ad aram it.

September 19, 2019



For the sacrificial altar in Catholic churches where Mass is offered is never used 'ara' but 'altare'.


Altare is the late form, late Latin.


Sacerdos callidus aram adit. 'adit' is OK .


Two alternative solutions: "altare" for "aram" "adit" instead of "ad. . . it." [The name of the course doesn't specify if it's Classical or Ecclesiastical Latin. While they are largely equivalent and certainly mutually intelligible, it's going to create a lot of ambiguities like this.]


"Altare" won't be accepted I think, as they don't seem to accept late Latin.

They choose to teach "Classical Latin".

The only difference between Classical and church Latin, is that Classical stopped at the Classical period, and "church" Latin (in reality, it's also science Latin, as Latin never stopped to be used for books.) continued to evolve, get more words, and changes in the meaning for the words.

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