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Idea: Flashcard game with Vocab

April 21, 2013



Like this idea, the 'flashcards' accumulate in a review section as you acquire new words after successfully completing each section.


Yes! I would give you a Lingot if I had more :p


I have within the "Words" tab I have access to a 'Flashcard' game, for French. I like it very much. However two important things.
1. Especially for french (and possibly other languages as well) where relevant the words need to be identified as to whether they are either: male / female / neutral-or the same for both male and female // ; and as well as gender, where plural where relevant. This is as it is critical in a language such as french to learn the gender of the relevant words at the same time as you learn the word. Also to learn the plural, and be able to differentiate it from the singular. Otherwise, you become unable to construct sentences.
2. It would be FANTASTIC to have audio of the target language incorporated as well - to help you learn to hear and say the word correctly - and this would also help re-reinforce the spelling/pronunciation rules relevant for that language.
MOST importantly - THANK YOU duolingo team for continuing to improve the language acquisition potential through using this site :)


sii that could be a great idea :)


If you have any game design in mind, maybe I can start to create a prototype for a simple game. Otherwise, let us post some design ideas to this thread.


We could upload the images for each word ourselves or vote between the ones that were already posted by others.


i strongly agree


Great great idea.


Personally, I've been trying to go elsewhere to find a website that has vocab flashcards. It's a great way to test your knowledge of previous words you've learned.


Is it just me, or are some of the flashcards incorrect? I am sure the italian word ricetta , means recipe in English but on the card it means simpleton.... I don't get it!


I don't know if this will be helpful, but in German I often know the word, but the exact translation isn't on the card that I was thinking about. Perhaps the problem on that card is simply that it simply isn't displaying all possible translations?

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